Your prescription will be processed and handled by your personal PTC CaresTM case manager, who will communicate directly with the specialty pharmacy.

Once patient enrollment has begun, PTC Cares manages each step of the prescription process

Icon of prescription

Prescription written

You and your healthcare provider will need to complete, sign, and submit a Prescription Start Form (PSF), which acts as both a prescription and a consent, to receive support from PTC Cares and access to PTC products.

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Welcome call

Your PTC Cares case manager will call you upon receipt of your PSF to confirm your insurance and demographic information, assist with potential questions you may have about the medication or medical condition, and discuss the process and next steps to obtaining treatment.

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Insurance benefits investigation

Your PTC Cares team will work to conduct benefits investigation and prior authorization support.

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Explanation of patient assistance

Your PTC Cares team will call you to explain insurance benefits, Patient Support Services, and any available resources such as copay assistance or other forms of support to assist in obtaining PTC Cares products.

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Specialty pharmacy delivery

Your PTC Cares team will call you to confirm the delivery information. Upon confirmation, you can request a tracking number so you can monitor where the delivery is throughout the shipping process.


PTC Cares is a support program designed to help your child get started and stay on treatment. Here’s a step-by-step video that explains PTC Cares: who we are, what we do, and what we can do for you.

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